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Team enso Cyclng

Conley J Boyd  | Published on 6/10/2021




Contact: David Cox

Rick Boethling, RAAM


Dayton Cycling Club Members Prepare for Bicycle Race of a Lifetime – Across the USA Team enso Cycling Will Race From Coast-to-Coast to Raise Money for Charity 3,000 Miles from California to Maryland.


Dayton, OH June 10, 2021 – Beginning June 19, 2021, Team enso Cycling from Dayton, OH will embark on an extraordinary journey that will test their physical limits and mental toughness and commitment to a cause. As a competitor in Race Across America (RAAM), Team enso Cycling will endure 3,000 on their bicycle across the length of the North American Continent, from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean.


Team enso Cycling includes DCC members David Cox and Mark Dinkins who, along with Judy Stutes and Doug Sellars created the team in 2020 with a passion for cycling, a desire to promote charities dear to them and a goal of challenging themselves and others to push beyond their limits.  DCC members David Warner, Kari Cox, Scott and Stephanie Myers are participating as crew members in support of the racers.


“In the early stages of the pandemic, with so much out of our control, we wanted to focus on a goal - something we could control and something positive. We decided RAAM would be a great way to challenge ourselves physically and mentally while providing a great way to raise awareness and funds for fantastic causes.”


The Gary Sinise Foundation


Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research


ThyCa:Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association