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Commuter Mileage

The Dayton Cycling Club records bikeway, commuter, and touring mileage for its members. Accumulate commuting miles by riding your bicycle to and from work or in place of your car for errands around town.

Commuter miles should be submitted monthly and are due five days after the month in which the miles were accrued. End-of-year miles and any corrections must be submitted by January 31 of the new year.

Select the Submit Commuter Mileage button below to submit commuting miles to the Commuter Mileage Coordinator for inclusion on the Commuter Mileage list.

Past Leaders
Year Male Miles Female Miles
2010 Mike Williams 8,089 Val Van Griethysen 1,509
2011 Mike Williams 6,446 Carolyn Winters 1,305
2012 Tom Holmes 5,970 Val Van Griethysen 2,027
2013 Tom Holmes 6,344 Val Van Griethysen 1,872
2014 Tom Holmes 4,860 Val Van Griethysen 1,359
2015 Tom Holmes 5,247 Val Van Griethysen 1,567
2016 Tom Holmes 5,522 Val Van Griethysen 1,259
2017 Phil Blosser 4,618 Marilyn Perdue 1,491
2018 Phil Blosser 3,514 Marilyn Corbin 1,761